Food Podcasts

If you love food and cooking there are literally thousands of hours of podcasts out there that lovers of all things food, drink and cooking can listen to.

From hints, tips and techniques for your own cooking adventures to the history of how and why we cook, there’s a podcast for you. Want some easy listening? Try some of the food-based comedy or interview-style shows available. Looking for something more serious? There are investigative and informative podcasts too.

The possibilities are endless. Here are some of our top picks.

best food podcasts 2022

The Kitchen Counter

If you want simple step-by-step tips, then the “Let’s Cook” episodes from Roger Anderson’s podcast The Kitchen Counter is a great place to start. This podcast caters to all home cooks regardless of skill level. It also includes episodes covering equipment and techniques, alongside conversational episodes with experts and food lovers.

Other similar podcasts to try include Home Cooking with Samin and Hrishi and The Cookalong Podcast

Off Menu

There is no shortage of podcasts that feature interviews with celebrities talking about their favourite foods and more. Our top pick is Off Menu. In this podcast, hosts James Acaster and Ed Gamble invite a special guest to imagine a visit to their dream restaurant, and what their dream starter, main and dessert would be. Since many of the guests are comedians, these conversations often take a hilarious turn.

Similar informal chats about food and drink can be found in Table Manners with Jessie Ware, Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner and Desert Island Dishes

The Kitchen Cabinet

For something a bit different, we recommend the Kitchen Cabinet. Hosted by Jay Raynor, this features a changing panel of culinary experts. There’s also a resident food historian. The panel answer audience questions about cooking, eating and drinking along with stories and personal anecdotes.

Try Homemade, for the stories and traditions behind favourite recipes, or Gastropod for more about the science and history of food.

The Food Programme

This podcast is very much a review and investigative programme. It examines topical issues surrounding our food and drink. Covering a huge range of topics related to the food chain from food producers and processors through to consumers, the episodes are available indefinitely.


Whether you’re interested in cooking tips and techniques, outrageous or unusual food facts, heart-warming or funny interviews, we’ve mentioned some of the podcasts that are likely to whet your appetite for more.