Podcasts about Crimes

Have you read one of those thriller novels such as the Harry Porter series? It is more exhilarating than watching the movies. Reading triggers your imagination into visualizing the scenarios depicted by the authors. It is even more captivating with podcasts because there’s an uninterrupted flow of the events as they are narrated. This is only akin to having an audio of a thriller novel or a person narrating the story to you.

Your mind taps into its creative powers in an effort to conceptualize the scenes and events as they are described or narrated. What can be more thrilling than this? It supersedes the passive experience of feeding your mind with already created motion pictures in the form of videos.

Podcasts are easily accessible, portable, and affordable as compared to other media forms. A quick search on the internet will generate a list of the creepiest or favourite criminal podcasts, or even documentaries based on true stories. It’s free to access most podcasts, but if there is a fee, it’s usually inexpensive.

Why Are Crime or Murder Podcasts so Thrilling?

Podcasts simply rock! They are engaging, vibrant, and captivating. The same cannot be said of audio books or reading a book. Here’s why:

1. Dialogue style. Podcasts are in a conversational voice not a narrative one. You hear different voices and tones as opposed to most audios.This makes it interesting and real which enhances your listening comprehension.

2. Limited interruptions. The flow of the conversation in a podcast helps the listener weave the events in their sequence without much struggle at concentrating. The good feature of a podcast is that you can listen on the go, even as you attend other duties. The story flow is not cut.

The truth is, no matter how good a thriller novel one may be reading, if there are constant interruptions, one may not enjoy it. The same can be said of a movie.

3. Unlimited imagination. Listening to the narration of events and the conversations therein helps to open one’s mind to a world of unlimited imagination. You paint the picture as per your own imagination, not like what you see in movies. Listening to podcasts is an active role as opposed to watching a movie. You create whichever kind of scenario you can imagine.

4. Simply enjoyable. Podcasts are simply enjoyable. Some of the participants go the extra mile to add humour which makes it more enjoyable. If you listen to Criminal or Serial, besides the thrill, there’s irresistible humour.

Podcasts are gaining popularity by the day. The style, convenience, and affordability puts this form of media at an advantage. The criminal podcasts are becoming irresistible for the reasons highlighted above.

Get your favourite and enjoy the thrill.